I cried out to him with my mouth; his praise was on my tongue"

Psalm 66:17

Each member is expected to mature as Christian to grow deeper, and reach wider by becoming involved in the Ministries of SAUMC to fulfill our call.

Our Education & Worship Ministries help us grow by hearing and studying the word of God . . .

Advent & Bible StudiesAdvent & Bible Studies

Education Ministry Activities & Events

Black History Month
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Youth Sponsorship to Camp
Sunday School
Christmas Program
School Supplies Give-A-Way
Famous Father's Day Prom
  • Worship in the Methodist Church rests on the Wesleyan Theological Heritage. Emphasis is on the Christian life, the command to love to put into practice.
  • We worship with an emphasis on grace, justification, assurance, and sanctification.
  • We believe that God’s Grace is in relationship with faith and good works.


  • As Christians–disciples of Jesus Christ, Christ followers-we are thankful for our salvation.

  • We are thankful that God never gave up on us and gave Jesus Christ to bring us out of darkness and into right relationship with God.

  • We respond to such love, grace, and sacrifice by choosing to be more like Christ in thought, word, and deed.

  • We do that by being hearers and doers of the Word to grow and bear fruit.

  • We are charged to grow spiritually. We are charged to take responsibility to grow in our faith so that we can show and share the love of God to others.

Congregational Care, Outreach, & Witness Ministries

help us grow by doing the word of God.


  • The care and nurture of our congregation are a top priority at Saint Andrews United Methodist Church.

  • We recognize that a person’s health is more than the body.

  • ​We intentionally minister to the whole person: body, mind, and soul.

  • We minister to members of all ages and all life events.
  • The Mission Outreach ministry identifies the needs of our community, our country, our world and engages our congregation in mission opportunities that seek to address these needs.


  • ​Opening our church doors, our hearts, and our faith to others and inviting them to join us in believing in and sharing Christ is the aim of Saint Andrews’ Witness Ministry.

  • Through prayer, evangelism, and all forms of communication, we share our personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, service, and the amazing, good news of Jesus Christ so that others will come to know and love the Lord.




Connect . . .

  • In addition to Facebook, Sunday Worship service is now also broadcasting live on:
  • YouTube, Twitter, and here on our homepage in an effort to make service accessible to those who are not on Facebook, not able to attend church in person yet, and the community. 
  • Spread the word!